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Daniel Yomtobian has always been a big-picture thinker. He is an opportunity seeker and has evolved into an expert in the online industry. Danny Yomtobian has the unique ability to see a great opportunity and to bring it to the public. He is constantly looking for opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

The launching of ABCSearch in 2001 had been a launching pad for Daniel Yomtobian and since that time ABCSearch has grown to serve over 2.5 billion searches per month. ABCSearch is one of the world's top providers of cost-per-click searches on the Internet and has received acknowledgment and notoriety in the online advertising industry.

Paid Searches really pay!

Paid Searches provide monetary compensation to the individuals involved in the process. Paid Searches result in higher conversions, revenues and profits. In paid search environments conversion optimization for post-click behavior is particularly important. Most traffic originates from paid placement, where the CPC (cost-per-click) bid determines placement and traffic level. To preserve and improve ROI and profitability as bids escalate, post-click conversion must be as high as possible. ABCSearch.com offers an alternative method to get the best returns for your advertising penny.