Daniel Yomtobian - Early Years

Daniel Yomtobian was born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California in 1977. He is the second child of a businessman and a social worker. His parents immigrated to the U.S. while they were both in their teens.

Daniel experienced financial hardship during his earlier years. He assisted his father during the summer months to his father's printing store. Daniel Yomtobian was active in playing sports such as karate and soccer and was active in his high school football team for two years. While he enjoyed being involved in extra-curricular activities he made the decision at age fifteen to work at a local grocery store. Daniel Yomtobian displayed professionalism and hard work early in his life and has always been a determined player.

While Daniel was finishing high school his father had begun investing in domain names on the Internet. Danny Yomtobian was also promoted at his job from 'box-boy' to 'dairy/deli' and he was hopeful that his future would entail further promotions and ultimately a promotion to a managerial position.